We created the original electronic pitch count in 2004 providing coaches with instant information to enhance their ability to coach & strategize. Our Model 350H instantly displays total pitches/ shots attemtped, total missed and total made, and the percentage of attempts made at any given time.

Our Hoop Count is built sturdy and reliable. Thousands of coaches are using Coach Dave's counters at every level of sports!


Model 350H

Coach Dave’s Hoop Count Model 350H - $39.95

Hoop Count Model 350H is a “totally silent”, handheld, battery operated electronic device, similar in size to a stopwatch, utilized by an individual, manager, coach, player, scout, parent or fan, to keep a running tally of the number of pitches/shots attempted by a player (or team) during a game or practice session, as well as the percentage of strikes/shots made relative to the total number of pitches/shots attempted. Hoop Count will also display total attempts made and total attempts missed. Hoop Count is easy to use and allows the user’s eyes to remain on the player’s mechanics and/or game in general. 

With Hoop Count you can track the performance of two pitchers at a time.

• Model 500 is totally silent
• Displays total pitches/shots taken
• Displays total pitches/shots missed and total made
• Displays percentage of strikes/shots made
• Tracks two players or teams
• Can be used in any sport to track attempts and percentage made

To download a pdf file with operating instructions CLICK HERE!
With the 350H one can track the performance of two players or teams at one time in any sport.

Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Lacrosse, “any activity” - have an instant display of the number of attempts made and percentage of successful attempts, in your hand - immediately.

Metal Pitch Counter

Metal Pitch Counter • $9.00

All purpose Pitch Counter. Smooth easy action, easy to read with bright chrome finish. Four digits. Easy to reset to zero with a turn of the knob.

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